STOP Pelosi’s veto override & BUILD the wall

Today, Speaker Pelosi will hear a bill in the House to overturn President Trump’s veto of her bill last week about the National Emergency Declaration.

We have got to build the wall on our southern border and stop illegal immigration.

The fake news will be doing all they can to cover for Democrats while their anti-border security actions are on full display. We must tell the truth about this.

Will you chip in $25 today to add your name on our list of Oklahomans that support President Trump’s National Emergency to build the border wall?

Your contribution will go directly to help us push out the truth and real news about this.

President Trump’s declaration is within his presidential power. It is desperately needed since drugs and criminals continue to target our weak border entries. Over 90% of the heroin in our country funnels through our weakened southern border – which is a real national security threat.

We cannot allow illegal immigration to continue pouring across our southern border.

I’m asking you to join me in this fight today. Please chip in $25 or more if you can.

Let’s fight Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda and help spread the word that we stand with President Trump in this decision.


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