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It's time to drop the HAMMER!

The Do-Nothing Democrats have caused a lot of damage to this country by putting President Trump though baseless impeachment hearings for weeks. Their whole agenda is keeping our President off the 2020 ballot.

Now, the Democrats have heard about our WinRed fundraising ecosystem, and how with President Trump's co-branding efforts have created record-breaking numbers. This has happened because of strong support from people like you that know the way to win is with a President that believes in the 2nd amendment, loves economic prosperity, and wants to secure our borders...  in essence, Making America Great Again!

For three years now, the Democrats haven't been able to accept the loss of their crooked candidate. We're not going to let them take away your vote, your voice, and your future. We WON'T let it happen!

We're less than a year away from election day, and it's never been more of a critical time. With President Trump, we have an end of the month fundraising deadline coming up. We have set a strong goal to meet, and we need your support! 

As one of my top supporters, I need you to step up and help us accomplish this goal. The deadline is important, and everything you contribute will directly help President Trump and me. 

The Democrats' plan to get President Trump out of office is crumbling. Today, there was an article by Fox News saying, "a House Democrat now sees no 'value' in impeachment, as polls show falling support among independents".

This is why we need YOU to step up. We can't take our foot off the pedal. The President and I expect EVERY American and Oklahoman from the 2nd District to contribute. 

Please make a contribution by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to help us reach our November deadline. 

Thank you,

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Dow scores 100th record close under Trump

If you are listening to the Democrats and Liberal media, then you probably won’t hear much about the positive economic records we keep breaking. #KeepAmericaGreat Read about the article here.

AOC says her policies are not 'free stuff': 'I never want to hear that term again'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now lecturing us on not saying “free stuff”. I guess she thinks we aren’t smart enough to see through her game. She wants to use taxpayer dollars to buy votes. #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

Varney: Democrats expect Americans to ignore prosperity

The economy is trucking right on down the road at a strong pace, but the Democrats and Liberal media want you focused on the impeachment scam. #DoNothingDemocrats Read the article here.

Pelosi hints USMCA may not come up for a vote this year

Instead of taking care of our country’s business, Nancy Pelosi is kicking the can down the road in regards to USMCA.

Why? Because she is focused on an impeachment circus. Her and the liberal Democrats are showing their true intentions on a daily basis. #DoNothingDemocrats Here is the article.

'Did I make you proud?': Biden team blasts out post-debate fundraising plea hours before debate kicks off

This right here is a typical backfire by a liberal Democrat. It’s no different than what is going on in the phony impeachment hearings. #Backfire #DoNothingDemocrats Read the article here.

It’s Great To Be Working With President Trump and WinRed

It’s great to be working with President Trump and WinRed! WinRed is a conservative ecosystem built to defeat the Liberal Democrats propaganda machine through digital media fundraising. #WinRed #KeepAmericaGreat Here is the WinRed site.

Elise Stefanik Needs Our Help!

It's not the best day to be a Democrat.

Yesterday, a Republican star was born in Representative Elise Stefanik. What an amazing job she did. She completely wrecked Adam Schiff and the Democrats' entire impeachment premise.

However, Elise needs our help! She is willing to stand up and fight for President Trump. The problem is, she is being attacked by the liberal left. This is how the fake news Democrats operate.

They are creating social media smear jobs, negative call campaigns, and other despicable tactics. 

We have to help her as she has done a great job helping President Trump.

Thank you,

Trump crows after hearing, says diplomats stumped by ‘impeachable’ offense question

Why the blank look? The Democrats are only doing this charade because they know President Trump is winning again in 2020. #Backfire Read the article here.

Trump: 'Schiff Will Only Release Doctored Transcripts'

Adam Schiff is carefully architecting this impeachment “scam”. As I talk about in my upcoming podcast, this whole thing is not only a distraction to the country but also to our Commander in Chief. Let’s focus on things that make America great. #KAG Read the article here.