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WATCH: Trump Calls to Congratulate Colby Covington During Post-Fight Interview

This is fun stuff…

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Twitter Attaches Disclaimer on Trump's 'Mail Drop Boxes' Tweet

Censoring our leaders simply can’t be tolerated.

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D.C. Digest: Lankford discounts Postal Service reports

Universal mail voting is just another step toward socialism.

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DNC delegates drop 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

The Democrats took God out of the Pledge of Allegiance at their convention. It’s documented on video. If you believe in America, the values on which we were founded, and our promise as a beacon of light in the world, you must reject this liberal, radical nonsense.

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Biden Says at 77, 'Absolutely' Possible to Be 2-Term President

In my opinion, it’s not that Joe Biden is too old to be president; it’s that he’s not all there.

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Report: Gretchen Whitmer the Lone Governor Holding Up Big 10 Football Season

Come on, let the kids play football.

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New Jersey gym becomes campaign rally location to keep doors open: 'Now we made it political,' owner says

We must all take a stand for our constitutional rights.

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Portland riots intensify; balloons with feces thrown at cop cars

Riots in cities led by Democrats continue unabated. The primary role of government is public safety. It’s an abdication of duty to allow lawlessness.

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Newt Gingrich says Trump win will be 'dramatically bigger' than expected


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'Enough is enough' | Police chief says Portlanders are tired of violence, at protests and elsewhere

Portland cut $15 million from its police department. The city has been on fire and in anarchy for months. There were 99 shootings in Portland last month, up from 35 in July last year. Yet liberals want to continue defunding law enforcement all across America! Wake up!

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