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Trump lifts Turkey sanctions, calling ceasefire in Syria "permanent"

Some people talk the talk. President Trump walks the walk! #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

Jesse Watters calls Adam Schiff 'corrupt,' Greg Gutfeld says he is the 'perfect target' for Trump and Republicans

Yesterday, I voted to condemn and censure Chairman Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff has been consistent in two things, lying to the American people and leading a witch hunt. He spread false allegations about the Russian collusion, and has abused his power as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. It’s time he’s held accountable. Read the article here.

AOC blasted by GOP challenger for rally with Bernie Sanders near site of nixed Amazon headquarters

The Democrats love to tout alleged numbers at rallies, but don’t want to talk about the number of jobs lost by their socialist policies. #SocialismSucks #DoNothingDemocrats Read the article here.

Venezuela leader Guaido warns of 2020 Dems’ socialist agendas

As the Democrats tout their socialist ambitions, all we have to do is look at the economic disaster Venezuela has become. #SocialismSucks Watch the video here.

Trump campaign flies 'socialism destroys Ohio jobs' banner over Dem debate site

It’s true! #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

Bernie Sanders draws contrast with 'capitalist' Elizabeth Warren

For the Democrats, it’s just a contest of who can be the ‘most’ socialist. They despise free-enterprise and don’t want Americans having the freedom to create their own success. #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

Goldman Sachs: The economic run is not over and the US ‘is not close to recession’

The liberal media and Democrats do not want you to see news like this. The economy is still booming, and President Trump’s economic policies are working. Let’s keep rocking! #KeepAmericaGreat #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

AOC pushes national rent control, welfare for illegal immigrants in latest massive proposal

While the liberal media is working 24 hours a day covering the witch-hunt, the Democrats are working overtime pushing a socialist agenda. #SocialismSucks #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

President Trump names Oklahoma 'Victory Team

President Trump likes to win and so do I. It’s an honor to be part of the Oklahoma Victory Team. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

These are the taxes Elizabeth Warren has proposed in the 2020 race

“More taxation” should be the theme of the Democrats. Here is a list of new taxes that they are for. Also, they want to roll back the tax cuts that have helped the economy grow. #SocialismSucks Read the article here.