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It’s Great To Be Working With President Trump and WinRed

It’s great to be working with President Trump and WinRed! WinRed is a conservative ecosystem built to defeat the Liberal Democrats propaganda machine through digital media fundraising. #WinRed #KeepAmericaGreat Here is the WinRed site.

Elise Stefanik Needs Our Help!

It's not the best day to be a Democrat.

Yesterday, a Republican star was born in Representative Elise Stefanik. What an amazing job she did. She completely wrecked Adam Schiff and the Democrats' entire impeachment premise.

However, Elise needs our help! She is willing to stand up and fight for President Trump. The problem is, she is being attacked by the liberal left. This is how the fake news Democrats operate.

They are creating social media smear jobs, negative call campaigns, and other despicable tactics. 

We have to help her as she has done a great job helping President Trump.

Thank you,

Trump crows after hearing, says diplomats stumped by ‘impeachable’ offense question

Why the blank look? The Democrats are only doing this charade because they know President Trump is winning again in 2020. #Backfire Read the article here.

Trump: 'Schiff Will Only Release Doctored Transcripts'

Adam Schiff is carefully architecting this impeachment “scam”. As I talk about in my upcoming podcast, this whole thing is not only a distraction to the country but also to our Commander in Chief. Let’s focus on things that make America great. #KAG Read the article here.

Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps. Here are 17 Inspiring Quotes About the Marine Corps

Happy 244th birthday to one of the most powerful military forces on the planet. #HappyBirthdayMarines Read the article here.

Trump, at Louisiana rally, hits 'disgraceful' whistleblower's attorney who tweeted of 'coup' in 2017

We’ve known all along that the Democrat’s have been trying to stage a coup. It’s not going to work and it’s extremely dangerous. #DoNothingDemocrats #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

Steve Moore: No, Joe Biden, Trump has not 'squandered' the Obama economy. Here's the truth

The economy is strong and the liberals are grabbing at straws. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

From toast of town to toxic: Facebook CEO on outs with Dems

It wasn’t too long ago that the Democrats were in love with Facebook, but start crying the blues when they can’t control the media and narrative. Read the article here.

U.S. Congressional Wrestling Caucus Champions Women’s Wrestling

“Life is tough—you’re going to have successes, and you’re going to have failures, and if you can learn to be successful in a competitive wrestling room you will learn to be successful in life, too.” Read the article here.

Nancy Pelosi Is Worried 2020 Candidates Are on Wrong Track

Nancy Pelosi knows the Democrats are in trouble when it comes to the 2020 elections, but she’s still preaching socialism. #SocialismSucks Read the article here.