Economy and Jobs

As a business owner, I know that government does not create jobs. The private sector is the engine that drives our economy and creates real jobs and opportunity. Yet, for many business owners it is a daily struggle just to keep the doors open.

More and more, the private sector is faced with constant uncertainty caused by Washington’s inability to take action on fiscal problems facing our country and by mountains of new regulations each year that make compliance nearly impossible, increase costs and eliminate jobs. I have first-hand experience with the challenges of running businesses in this burdensome regulatory environment.

The federal government must rein in spending, reform the tax code and end the heavy-handed regulations that are making it harder for the private sector to create the real jobs this country desperately needs. Sanity must be brought to the regulatory process so a business operating in different regional office locations of a federal agency can count on the same regulation being interpreted the same way in every office throughout the country. Today, that is simply not the case and our economy suffers as a result.