Citizen Legislator Markwayne Mullin Seeks Third Term In U.S. Congress

MUSKOGEE, OK – U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin announced today he will seek a third term in Congress.

“There is still plenty of work that must be done to get this country back on the right path,” Mullin, R-Westville, said. “To begin with, our national debt is over $19 trillion and the professional politicians show no desire to cut spending. I simply refuse to stand by and saddle future generations of Oklahomans with a legacy of debt before they’ve even gotten their first job.”

Mullin is a true citizen legislator, a conservative and proven job creator. A husband and father of five, Mullin has built several successful businesses that employ over 150 Oklahomans. Prior to running for Congress in 2012, Mullin had never been involved in politics.

“My children inspire me to fight each day,” Mullin, a conservative Republican, said of his decision to seek re-election. “I want them to one day inherit a country that is in better shape than it is today. I want future generations of Oklahomans to grow up and be successful in a secure nation that respects their rights and their freedoms, and where they can make their own American Dreams come true.”

Mullin said he will continue to be a voice for rural Oklahoma and conservative values like Second Amendment rights, religious freedom and the sanctity of life. Mullin has already been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee for his 100 percent pro-life voting record throughout his two terms in Congress and the National Rifle Association PVF.

“Our conservative values and our rural way of life must be represented in Washington,” he said. “What works for big cities doesn’t always work in rural eastern Oklahoma, so it is important to continue pushing for more local control.”

Mullin has made communication and accountability a cornerstone of his office – holding yearly in-person town hall meetings in each of the 26 counties that make up the Second District. To date, he has also held 21 district-wide telephone town hall meetings.

“I am very focused on serving the people I am entrusted to represent,” Mullin said. “And my team consistently looks for new ways to keep citizens involved and engaged in their government.”

Mullin’s outreach efforts to veterans remain unparalleled, including nine Veteran Information Days held across the district. These events provide veterans, their families and caregivers the opportunity to interact directly with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other local service entities. Mullin held a seminar in seven different communities to help veterans understand the newly-enacted VA Choice Program. He also had officials from the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center and the VA Regional Office join him on a district-wide telephone town hall so constituents could speak directly with VA leadership about problems with their health care or benefits claims

Mullin will continue to fight attempts to increase government overreach.

“While our country continues to spend more money than we have, federal agencies like the EPA have figured out how to ignore the “power of the purse” and they don’t depend entirely upon Congress’ yearly appropriations in order to push their liberal agendas,” Mullin said. “These agencies simply increase the number of citations and fines they issue in order to fund their desire to control more and more aspects of our daily lives.”

A business owner with experience operating in today’s overregulated environment, Mullin authored legislation to stop agencies from funding their overreach through increased fines by requiring that fines collected by an agency must instead be surrendered to the U.S. Treasury and put in the general fund.

Mullin has been married to his high school sweetheart, Christie, for 18 years. They have five children that they raise on the same ranch in Westville, Oklahoma where Mullin grew up. Mullin is one of only two Native Americans serving in Congress. Additional information on Mullin and his campaign can be found online at