New York Times Shocked to Find Millennial Voters are Pro-Life on Abortion

As someone who is 100% pro-life, this is welcoming news….

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Kayleigh McEnany Uses Slide Show To School Reporters On Obama Admin’s Flynn ‘Unmasking’ Scandal

This is how Fake News is made. They create their own bias. Watch McEnany walk through journalism 101 with these veteran correspondents.

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Fox's Jesse Watters: Barr has documents that could show Obama's 'powerful connection' to 'Spygate'

April Gun Sales Continue Surge After Record-breaking March

A pandemic is not the end of our rights. #SecondAmendment

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Samaritan’s Purse gets tax bill after discharging last patient at NYC field hospital

Only a Democrat would ask a non-profit to help fight COVID-19 and then demand they pay taxes for providing that help. 

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Republican Mike Garcia wins Democratic-held House seat in California in a boost for GOP

For the first time in nine years, Republicans have picked up a Congressional seat previously held by a Democrat. When even the liberals of L.A. are fed up with the socialist agenda, you know there’s blood in the water. #2020

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Jared Kushner on securing US supply chain amid coronavirus: We can never rely on foreign supplies again

There are plenty of smart, hard-working Oklahomans and small business owners ready to bring manufacturing back to our state. We don’t have to rely on foreign supplies. 

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Amid coronavirus crisis, look for these messages of hope and inspiration

I’m not a man of many words, especially the kind spoken in hushed, soft tones. So I’m going to let this guy do it for me:

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Trump Rewrites the Book on Emergencies

For the first time in U.S. history, an administration is responding to a crisis with deregulation and decentralization.

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Autoworker who confronted Joe Biden about gun control: He 'went off the deep end'

The Democrats are having a hard time relating to working Americans that are pro-second amendment.

Two things that most Americans want:

✅ A good economy
✅ The right to bear arms.

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