This Election

New Ad Torches Biden for Supporting Notion That Children Can Choose Their Own Gender

They can’t vote, drink, buy cigarettes, drive, or even pick their bedtime, but Joe Biden says they should be able to choose their gender?  We must not stand for this, we must protect our younger generation.

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BUSTED! Biden Faces Backlash After Ad Depicting ‘Struggling Bar Owner’ Actually Wealthy Dem Donor

Can Joe be honest about anything? 

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Unemployment Rates for States

Blue states have an unemployment rate almost twice as high as red states! Voting red keeps our economy thriving.

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Democrats' Flimsy Case Against Confirming ACB Has Completely Crumbled

Even the independents are shouting a resounding, “YES!”, for Judge Barrett. This case was closed before it was even opened. ACB for Supreme Court. #SCOTUS

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Shhh! Don’t Talk About Hunter Biden

Sorry, but this blatant criminal behavior will not be ignored by American voters.

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Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it 'slap in the face'

If Nancy Pelosi can get her hair cut in person, we can vote in person.

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Sons of cop, firefighter carry flags onto field at 9/11 game, get suspended

So now we are punishing kids for supporting police and firefighters? None of this makes sense.

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It’s fair to speculate whether Biden is mentally fit to be president

Super “Thursday” and banning “AR-14’s”, and this is the man some want as the leader of the free world?

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Pro-life groups denounce Biden-Harris as 'most pro-abortion ticket in history'

This isn’t just another presidential election. This is an election between good and evil. 

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