Defense Department reform is another unheralded Trump win: Steve Forbes

President Trump is once again delivering on his promises. For so long now, we have needed business-minded solutions in Washington. That is exactly what we are seeing! #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here

Newt Gingrich: Pelosi is 'whacked,' 'deeply out of touch' if she attacks Trump on the economy

While the economy is the strongest it’s been in generations, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal media are attacking President Trump on the subject. This shows how out of touch the Democrats are. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here

Conservative Squad' co-founder: Democratic socialist ideology must be stopped

Socialism doesn’t work... it never has and never will! AOC and the squad are trying to convince the younger generation, that punishing producers while taking away freedom is a good thing. It’s not! #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

Trump doubles Obama's 2012 vote total in New Hampshire, signaling fired up base

The Republican base is fired up and it’s showing. President Trump doubles Obama’s 2012 vote total.

The American people see what a train wreck the Democrats have created, and it seems the bad news keeps compounding daily for them. Socialism isn’t resonating! #KeepAmericaGreat #SocialismSucks Read the article here.

Democrats' go-to mainstream media outlets having a hard time saying anything nice

After the epic failure in Iowa, the acquittal of President Trump, and a historic State of the Union, the Democrats are in a tailspin. Even their media allies are having a hard time finding anything nice to say. This is when we need you to lean in. Encourage that neighbor or friend who is still registered as a Democrat to become a Republican today. How can anyone still want to be associated with this mess! Read the article here.

The left's terrible week

What a horrible week for the Democrats with Iowa, rip-gate, and the acquittal. The liberal media has been in complete meltdown, and it just keeps getting worse by the day. Maybe they should start focusing on the economy, immigration, and moving America forward instead of their extremist policies. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.


U.S. Jobs Top Estimates With 225,000 Gain, Wages Accelerate

Never apologize for winning! President Trump’s economic policies are working and we are just getting started. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

Payrolls increased by 225,000

The U.S. dollar remains strong

Jobs are soaring

Average hourly rates are in the rise

The stock market keeps climbing

Squad praises Pelosi for tearing up Trump's SOTU speech

While most of the country was shaking their head in disgust at Nancy Pelosi tearing up the SOTU speech, AOC and the squad were celebrating the embarrassment. America deserves better! Let’s all remember this type of behavior in November. #KeepAmericaGreat Read the article here.

Record-high 90% Americans 'satisfied' with personal life

It’s not surprising that a record number of Americans are feeling extremely optimistic about the direction their personal lives are headed. The good news, we are just getting started! #FourMoreYears #KeepAmericaGreat #2020

Read the article here.

Trump acquitted of both charges in Senate impeachment trial

ACQUITTED! This impeachment hoax is finally over. Now, let’s Keep America Great! I believe everyone will remember this in November. #2020 Read the article here.