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Meet Markwayne

Markwayne Mullin is an eastern Oklahoma native, successful businessman, rancher, family man and youth leader in his church. The youngest of seven children, he was raised in the small Adair County town of Westville, Oklahoma.

Markwayne is committed to his family, to his faith and to the strong work ethic that helped him and his wife Christie build one of the most successful plumbing and service companies in the region – employing over 120 Oklahomans. He believes that by balancing the budget, removing the obstacles government puts up for entrepreneurs and by protecting traditional values we can regain our country.

In Congress, Markwayne represents the conservative Oklahoma principles of limited government and freedom. He is a strong supporter of President Trump’s agenda to defeat the socialists in Washington, D.C., defend our cherished traditional values and protect the sanctity of life.

Meet the Mullin Family

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